1A. Working Routine

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The "Comprehensive Option", covers your liabilities at law under the Employees' Compensation Ordinance, It also provides Personal Accident Insurance, repatriation expenses and several additional medical protection to your domestic helper.

Daily Chores

The common chores of the day would include the following tasks:

  1. Preparing breakfast, washing dishes and utensils after the meal;
  2. Buying daily food and household supplies;
  3. Cooking lunch, washing dishes and utensils after the meal;
  4. General cleaning;
  5. Carpet vacuuming;
  6. Sweeping the floor;
  7. Dusting book shelves, table tops, window edges, desks and other furniture;
  8. Cleaning the toilet;
  9. Doing the laundry or ironing;
  10. Cooking dinner, washing dishes and utensils after the meal;
  11. Cleaning the pots and pans, the cooker, stove, floor/wall tiles;
  12. Cleaning the car as required


Weekly Chores

Some chores are not required to be done on a daily basis; rather, they should be done intensively at least once a week. These include:

  1. The telephone;
  2. The interior of lamp shades;
  3. The bulbs;
  4. Decoration on the cupboards and,
  5. The entrance door


Cleaning the kitchen, including

  1. Cupboards inside and out;
  2. Wall tiles with detergent;
  3. The cooker, gas stove, oven, pots and pans, and microwave oven, etc.;
  4. The dish drier;
  5. The refrigerator inside and out;
  6. The gas stove area, working place and sink;
  7. The floor tiles;
  8. The broom, brush and all cleaning equippment;
  9. The exhaust fan;
  10. The garbage bucket inside and out


Cleaning the bathroom, including

  1. The floor and wall tiles;
  2. The mirror box inside and out;
  3. The toilet bowl with detergent;
  4. The water heater;
  5. The shower curtain; and the door


Cleaning the laundry area, including

  1. The washing machine;
  2. The floor area


Cleaning the bedroom, including

  1. The television;
  2. The air-conditioners/heaters;
  3. The de-humidifier;
  4. Desk tops;
  5. The closet:
  6. The lamp shades;
  7. The decoration on the vanity and side tables;
  8. The exterior of the wardrobe area; and
  9. The mirrors of the changing room and inside the wardrobe area


Other households

Other households require some chores to be done only once or twice a month. These include windows’ cleaning, the vertical and horizontal blinds, washing the curtains and seat covers, and wiping toys or cleaning the play area (if applicable). However, these chores need to be done thoroughly, as the areas to be cleaned would have been accumulated with too much dust and dirt by the time they are washed or cleaned.

If your job includes baby sitting, your daily routine shall include duties related to feeding, bathing, clothing and caring for the baby’s needs.

On the whole, your duties and responsibilities shall include those described in your Job Description, which you agreed upon when signing your contract, and which your employer shall oblige you to perform.



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