3A. Safety In The Kitchen

2024-05-16 16:00

The kitchen is full of hidden health hazards. It can bring about injuries, sickness and accidents, if you do not proceed with care and common sense.

Safety Rules In The Kitchen

Remember, you can never be too careless in the kitchen. The following are safety rules you should observe in the kitchen

  1. Never let children play in the kitchen. When left to watch over children, you might decide to let them play in the kitchen where you can see them, while washing dishes or cooking.
  2. However, this may cause accidents , such as knife cuts or burns from oil splatters. Remember, you are responsible for the household during the absence of the employer.
  3. Never allow knives to lie out of their proper places. Always return them to a safe place out of the reach of the children.
  4. Never allow the children to peel fruits by themselves. Always place knives in their sheaths after using.
  5. When you are away from the kitchen, even for a short while, keep the windows closed and the Stove flame on medium heat.
  6. If you need to leave the house, check for open stoves and gas ranges. Safety is always a priority. Do not leave children for any length of time in the kitchen with the cooking stove switched on.
  7. Store flammable fuel or chemical in a dry, well-ventilated cool place. Always read instructions carefully before replacing fuel tanks. Ask your employers how to replace disposable fuel tanks, if you are not sure you can do so yourself.
  8. Cooking with hot fat, grease or alcoholic ingredients should be done with care. Use small to medium heat, since alcohol can burst into flame when overheated. When flames explodes while cooking, do no move the pan or pour water over the flame, you will merely increasse the blaze. Turn off the control switch or the main fuel supply. Smother the flames with a handful of salt, a lid, a large plate or a damp (not wet) towel, in case of an oven door; as oxygen will increase the blaze.
  9. Floors must be kept dry at all times. Wet floor can become slippery and dangerous, when you are cooking and washing dishes. Remember, slippers tend to slide on wet floors and cause you to stumble. This is dangerous especially when carrying something hot or breakable.
  10. Kitchens must be kept properly ventilated at all times when cooking. This will minimize the risk of gas explosions and prevent oily fumes from straying into the living room. Store matches, acids, poisons, caustics and knives in safe places out of the reach of children. Never allow children to play with matches, light up candles or open the stove. Avoid spraying food or food preparation surfaces with insecticide to prevent contamination of food.



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