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2018-01-21 13:00

The 4th Generation Training Program

Original Price: HK$1,200, Promotion Price: HK$800.

The 4th Generation Training Program This package will include a 20 hours of home safety, baby care and elderly care as well as two extra 30 minutes personal training sessions. (If additional one to one training is needed, we may offer a special price of HK $120/hour to our employer with a min. of 2 hours per each session.)

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Indonesian contract renewal

The service fee for Online Indonesian contract renewal is now only HK$2,980 for our Employer and a mere a 10% of the first month’s salary for our Helper.

Our package shall include:
※  One Medical Check-up plan A(Original price $780).
※ Contract notarization fee at the HK-Indonesian Consulate.
※  The HK SAR Immigration Department's Final Visa Approval Fee.

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Remarks: For further details, please refer to our Service Agreement's terms and conditions.

Please refer Notice to Client before you start to use our service, including Service Agreement, Appendix1 and Appendix2.

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