3D. Preventing Home Accident

2024-05-16 16:00

TakeTo prevent accidents at home, especially in the presence of children and elderly people, the following guidelines should be observed

  1. rovide adequate lighting in hallways and pathways. Make switches easy to locate and reach when people move from one room to another;
  2. Maintain appliances properly and promptly repair damaged equipment, especially stoves, gas pipes, and electrical wiring;
  3. Put away toys, tools, car parts and shoes after use to avoid tripping over them;
  4. Keep matches and lighters, medicines and poisons out of children’s reach;
  5. Avoid overloading power ports; e.g. plugging appliances altogether in one electric socket;
  6. Use proper voltage and fuses for circuits and equipment;
  7. Keep rooms adequately ventilated, with enough air space around electric appliances;
  8. Cover slippery floors with rubber or anchor mats and carpets;
  9. Cover sharp-edged furniture, especially when children are learning to walk;
  10. Use rubber mats in bath tubs to avoid slipping;
  11. Never place electric equipment, such as hair dryers and heaters, where they can fall into areas with water;
  12. Do not touch electric sockets and switches with wet hands. If you suspect a gas leak, a very strong smell of gas lingers and you cannot detect the source, try doing the following :
    • Open all doors and windows
    • Put out all open flames
    • Shut off the main valve of the gas supply
    • Do not turn any electric switches on or off, as you may cause an explosion
    • Get the children and elderly out of the house and to an open area, and
    • Notify your employer and call the gas company immediately



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