7B. Transportation And Communication

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Public transportation is readily available in Hong Kong by land or water. Ferry boats leave every 3 minutes during peak hours, playing the route between Hong Kong island and Kowloon. The Star Ferry leaves Kowloon from its port beside the Ocean Terminal, and leaves Hong Kong island from its port in front of the City Hall building at Connaught Road. Transportation by land comes in the form of a train, called Mass Transit Railway (MTR), which is the main form of public transport. Buses ply various routes and the fare depends on their destinations. Taxis are also available anytime.

Public Transportation Pronunciation in Cantonese
Light Bus Siu pa
Sightseeing Bus Kong kong he je
Helicopter Cik sing ke
Ship Suin
Ferry To suin
Train Fo che
Cable Car Tiu che
Car Hei che
MTR Te ha dit
Aeroplace Fei kei
roket Fo cin
Sedan Si ka che
Bicycle Tan che
Motorcycle Tin tan che
Taxi Teksi
Tram Tin che



You may send mail and packages through the public or private postal and delivery services available in every district. For operator-assisted calls, dial 1081. Calls can be made in all CSL shops. Cable, wireless, and international calls can be made at the airport. Remittances can be sent through the finance companies, bank, by door-to-door courier, or by international postal order.



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