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2018-05-23 10:30

To cater for some emergency needs of the employers, we have a large pool of immediately available domestic helpers who have completed their two (2) years employment contract and are actively seeking for alternative employment in HK. Immediate interview could be arranged at anytime during office hours.

Local Indonesian FDH

Promotional Video can also be viewed at our HL&C YouTube Channel.

Act now! Enjoy Service fee HK$10,505* (Original price $13,137).

* In order to celebrate the 2018 Asian Games , to be held in the Jakarta, Indonesian, and providing job opportunities to the Indonesians during the Asian Games, special discount will offer to employers from 2018-05-18 to 2018-07-02. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or privileges. Restrictions and changes determined by HL&C Employment Agency Ltd. in its sole discretion without advance or further notice.

Local Indonesian – the standard service Package shall include:
※ One Medical Check-up Plan A.
※ Contract notarization fee.
※ Employment visa fee.
※ Replacement is offered with a 30% discount within 6 months after employment visa is issued.

Local Filipino FDH

Locally recruited Filipino domestic helper, service fee is HK$9,200.

Local Filipino – the standard service Package shall include:
※ One Medical Check-up in Hong Kong including pregnancy test and chest X-ray.
※ OWWA and Contract notarization fee at Philippines Consulate in Hong Kong.
※ The Immigration Department Final Visa Approval Fee.
※ Replacement is offered with a 30% discount within 6 months after employment visa is issued.

Additional fee will be charged for below situation:

1. If because of the personal reasons, the employer was on the "Watch List" or "Blacklist" by the Consulate or the Hong Kong Immigration Department and need our staff for assitance, the employer is required to pay an additional fee of HK$500/time.
2. If living in public housing ( required Housing Permit), employer will be charged additional fee HK$200 for time cost.
3. If we are required to help for replying the IMMD enquiry letter, additional fee minimum HKD500/letter will be charged from employer.


  • Your application information and documents completed or not, will directly affect your application progress. Therefore, before the employment, please prepare the necessary information and documents to shorten the application time.
  • For further information regarding application documents and information required, please refer to : https://www.hlc.com.hk/application-notes.html (Chinese Version only)
  • If you would like to know more about our FDH availability, please browse at Search Helpers
  • Please refer Notice to Client before you start to use our service, including Service Agreement, Appendix1 and Appendix2.

All service fees and/or charges listed herein on our website are correct at the time of release but are subject to change without notice. The service fees and/or charges listed herein are based upon the assumptions of a standard service package as defined in our Service Agreement, your final fees may vary depending on whether surcharges are to be levied on any extra services required. To protect your personal interest, you are kindly requested to confirm the latest prevailing service fees and/or charges related to the services you may need regardless to whether it is a standard or tailor made service package. If you have any queries about the service fees and/or charges herein on this website, please contact our branch or call our Customer Service Officer at 3710 3710 for clarification.

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