HLC Sponsorship Fee to OFWs Community

HLC is committed to the promotion of the general welfare of OFWs in Hong Kong.

Our community funding program offers Sponsorship Fee to all qualified Hong Kong OFW associations who will host their events for the betterment of workers. Our objective is that our contribution should help the Filipino community to improve their lives locally.

Promotional Video can also be viewed at our HL&C YouTube Channel.

Individual Qualified Events include any education or training programs, cultural promotions and public performance of music and arts!
OFW Associations can apply now! It is easy and convenient!

Selected programs will be contacted within 3 days for further discussion! So come and talk to us!
At HL&C, we strive to serve better!

Please feel free to Call us at +852 3710 3702, Sara Tang
or email:sara.tang@hlc.com.hk
or simply fill up this form: https://goo.gl/forms/U1GmreBHlV7tmpW03

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