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(May 11, 2016, HONGKONG)- At the Caring Company Recognition Ceremony at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on May 10, 2016, HL&C Employment Agency Ltd. (HL&C) was granted with the Caring Company Award, for the 9th consecutive year, from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) in recognition of its corporate citizenship and support to public welfare.

※ Ms Fiona Lau (left) and Ms Jean Amparado (right), Branch Managers of HL&C Employment Agency Ltd attended the ceremony.
※ Ms Fiona Lau (left) and Ms Jean Amparado (right), Branch Managers of HL&C Employment Agency Ltd Congratulates BGCA on its 80th anniversary

HL&C is awarded the Caring Company Logo for 2015/2016 (left) & HL&C Congratulates BGCA on its 80th anniversary (right) The Caring Company Scheme was launched by HKCSS and is funded by the HKSAR Government. Over the years, it has gained widespread support from local businesses and has become a platform of cooperation for the official, civil and business communities. The mission of this scheme is to build a cohesive society by promoting strategic partnerships among business and social service partners and inspiring corporate social responsibility through caring for the community, employees and the environment.

Since its foundation in 1991, HL&C has paid much attention to its staff's physical and psychological well-being. HL&C has set up various committees to support a culture to maintain a work-life balance and has organized many annual activities for staff family members. These activities have covered the aspects of sports, cultural and educational areas as well as their personal development. Amongst many activities in 2016, Health Talk of Harm associated with smoking was held in conjunction with Lok Sin Tong. The aim was to encourage its staff to learn more about the harmful effects of smoking.

HL&C has also devoted much of its time and effort on staff training. It has remained positive about its future and continued to organize advance management training courses for its staff. In 2015 & 2016, it conducted various training exercises to ensure that its staff remained among the utmost professional in the industry. With regards to public welfare and charity, HL&C continued to enhance its policies to encourage its employees and their family members to be involved in community activities and volunteer opportunities. Furthermore, it has strengthened its financial commitment to charity aid in Hong Kong, Indonesia and the Philippines and participated in more community service projects in 2015, for it believes that sharing is a top priority. On the promotion of the industry as a whole, HL&C has also sponsored and co-organized sharing sessions with other relevant stakeholders to promote overall professionalism in the industry.

HL&C was founded in 1991 in Central, Shatin & Tai Po and specializes in the deployment of foreign or local domestic helpers. Since its foundation, HL&C has been insisting on the diversity of its business. In addition to basic employment services, it has frequently provided professional local training and governmental advisory services. In January 2008, HL&C acquired ISO9001:2000 certification, becoming the first employment agency in HK to earn such a distinction. In 2014, HL&C was given the HSBC Living Business Awards and the Best Green ICT (Adoption-SMEs) Bronze Award. These awards confirmed HL&C as a low-carbon enterprise and recognized its excellence and commitment to keeping the environment green and sustainable. HL&C has consistently promoted service quality in the servicing industry and noticed the undivided relationship between service quality and a green economy. With the rapid growth of the internet as a distribution medium, HL&C has strived to reduce its carbon footprint with pioneering solutions in technology. Such practice not only helps to reduce the waste of resources and exceed the expectation of clients, but also helps to protect the planet as a whole.

In the future, HL&C will further take part in community activities, implement corporate social responsibility and make its contribution to the harmonious development between enterprise and society

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